scene 2-Mature

Scene 2-

This scene is at the campsite where all the 5 young student friends have met up for their weekend out. The forest is not as pleasant as the 5 had thought, it’s all dark, creepy, cold and rather deserted to say the least, which worries most of the students but go on with the idea anyway, and they meet a suspicious guy at the start of the scene….


Sam-      well, here we are!

Skylar-                  wants my honest opinion? I hate it. (Say ‘I hate it’ bluntly)  The bags, they are heavy and we probably won’t need half the stuff that we have packed. This place, its dark and just plain creepy it has such a bad vibe to it; it just doesn’t feel right to me.

Aidan-                                  oh come on! Remember what they say, don’t judge a book by the cover.

Skylar-                  well this particularly isn’t a book now is it?

Aidan-                  right, we need to find a place to set camp so we can start our ‘bonding’ time, any                           suggestions where?

Skylar-                  well there is plenty of space I don’t really see much point in wondering where we should go.

Felix -                   (glares at person 2) right, anyway…didn’t it say there is a reception on the leaflet?

Sam-                      yeah, it should be… (Grabbing a map out of the large, heavy bag which is being carried) just over here... (Starts to walk slowly over to the right)

(A random man suddenly comes out and scares the group)

Felix -                   OH MY GOD! WHO IS THAT, OH MY GOD! (Panics)

Random man -  well that’s a lovely way to greet the owner of this here campsite…. (Says next few words under breath) …stupid city people…. (Starts talking normally again) why are you here? Who are you? And what do you want?

Sam -     oh, I’m terribly sorry, we didn’t see you there, and i had picked up this leaflet... (Shows leaflet up front to the owner)

Owner-                (grabs leaflet out of hand and looks at it all over) Did you book? Did you read the rules, print out the map? EH? EH?

skylar-                  look, we have done all of that which you have just said, here the map, we unsed stand your rules, music off at 8pm, and no earlier then 8am so yes, we have now stop complaining and just let us in alright. (say this rather annoyed)

                                (rest of the group look at skylar)

Owner-                                well…..umm….this way I guess…(shocked by skylar’s reaction)

Sam-                      I guess that was one way to get things done right?

                                (owner shows the way for the 5 to stay)

Owner-                well, here is your place to stay, have a nice time. (Walks away and grumbles under his voice ‘stupid kids will get what’s coming to them…)

The End

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