scene 1-Mature

this is mainly the introduction to the charactors, and what is going to happen in the next scene/scenes to come

scene 1-

The time is round about midday, a young group of students sitting down meet person 1 which they hadn’t seen in a rather long time, and they decide to go and have some quality time together, to catch up on things.

Sam-                      oh, hey guys!

Person 1 is the polite one of the group and is rather polite, except when

Skylar-                  Hey (Glares back down at the phone)

Person 2 is much more pessimistic than the rest of the group

Aidan-                  hey!  (Hugs person 1 in happiness and is now standing with person 1)

Person 3 is an optimistic person and never really sea’s any problems in anything and will always find a bright side of something

Felix-                   hey, haven't seen you in a while, we need more time to do things, maybe we should meet up?

Person 4 is a calm person, but can get shaken up easily, rather quiet person except when shaken up.

Pika-                      Yeah! That sounds like a good idea, maybe this weekend? I’m out all this week at college so I can’t do week days.

Person 5 is a busy person who likes the way they look and always has something on their hands (always has something to do)

Sam -                     hmmm… (Looks in deep though) what about Saturday?

(All nod their head in agreement)

Pika-                      then its settled, Saturday it is?

Aidan-  Yup, sure we should go camping! (Looks rather pleased and though full of what he just said)

Skylar-                  Hmm…I don’t know, where would we go? What would we do and can’t we just meet up at one of our houses? It would be so much easier and less of a pain to arrange, also then we could have internet, phones, games and everything like that! So it’s a bad idea! (Seems rather un-amused with what they are talking about)

Sam-      well, (completely ignoring what person 2 just said) well that does rather sound like a good idea, no one else is busy right? Then it’s settled, we will go camping at the weekend, Saturday alright with everyone?

(All look in agreement)

The End

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