R.I.P soldiers

Dear Diary                              30-7-1914

Its been 3 days and its 9:00pm at night and i could tell you right now its the last thing and worst thing i could ever wanna do again in my life, its horrible its stinks and people are sick already alot have died since we have arrived we dont get much sleep, the only thing i have to entertain myself is this diary i think its the only thing keeping me sane, ive seen people put bullets to there head, and people with broken legs and arms something ive never experienced before and  something i hoped i would never see but i guess life brings suprises not everyone wants to go through, and whats even really worse is people that have a disease called trench foot, its really bad its when they basically have walked in water or water  trapped into there boot for to long, its basically makes your whole foot or your toes have frostbite they fall or get rooton, or there whole body could get infected and just die in pain, i feel sorry for all the mothers out there that does not know anything about there sons being dead yet, it would be killing them inside and even the fact that there sons were forced to come to this war  noone could escape from this war. i do believe in destiny and think things do happen for a reason maybe im ment to survive this war be a hero go back tell them my story through what i call "hell"


The End

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