nightmare in day.

Dear Diary                29-7-1914

Ive just woken up from this bad dream on this stinky boat, but yet my nightmare still isnt over its 6:00am in the morning 29th july 1914. Were almost near the beach people are starting to ump out and swim but yet most of them dont make it, everytime i see someone die it makes me get worse and so scared to even get off but i guess its war, all the men that i can see have died for there country in pride and confidence, atleast they have tried to make it unlike me im standing here its rainging im all wet, got my gun and my water tin in my pocket, my bullets around my waist and shoulder, im so nrvous everything is so heavy its going to be hard to run. Well here i go.....

ive jumped off the boat to its so hard to run &swim at the same time while its raining,  bullets everywher noone cares but for themselfs, i guess thats how i have to be now, i cant care for them men suffering on the sand, a run towards this trench just  get behind it, i was only just so lucky i made that, a bullet hit the guy right next to me, that could of been me who knows ? im getting so paranoid i have to stop thinking bad but i guess it is hard when all you know that is your fighting for your country and you could move the one littlest step wrong then you would be gone. I keep thinking what would mum and dad be thinking, would they be worried or stressed they could be waiting for the call that there son has died, theres only one wish i want if i died, and that would be to make sure my body gets sent home, most of these men wil not have a grave maybe there bodies wont be found who really knows you have to experience it for yourself to understand. I've heard people try to explain the war, but what they say is nothing like what you think, your heart beats at 100 beats a minute, you hear guns every second thinking were are they going hit? will they hit me what do i do? all the simple questions running through my head. Its now 9:00am its cold and still raining my feet are drenched in these big boots, i cant feel my fingers because there so cold and numb, but i have to keep going and not worry about what hurts and is sore i have to keep pushing through the rest of of the day till the captain calls the day till a end....

its been a couple of hours later and yet its still raining! i hate this i want to go home already i hate this with everything.

The End

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