my life through war

a life through struggle.

my name is John Peters, the war started on 1914 july 28th, and i John Peters died on the 5th march 1917 i was only 19 years young, heres my story.

It was a cold winters day july 28th 1914, i was sitting in the lounge room with my father and mother talking about the war, and the next thing that happened who knew i was in the war. My blood went cold my heart had a beating rush to it, i didnt even know what i was thinking, how did i get here, were excatly am i, all i know im in the war out in sea heading towards the land straight ahead of us it will take one more night to get there but i hope the night never ends i dont want to be a fighter on that island, i was very confused and scared, my whole life now depended on me not getting in the way of any bullet building trenches to stay safe, maybe i will hide behind a trench till its over whos knows ? It would only take one mistake for my life to end, maybe even just a wrong footstep could lead me to something terrible even a lost leg?  As were floating along the waves of this ocean all i can see people, that had there lifes taken laying on the beach, some of them are even suffering, all i can hear is people screaming even throwing up on the side of the boat, im not really sure what i should be thinking though, but at the moment im thinking of my family hoping i can make it back alive and even in one peice if other people have been able to accomplish that im sure i can i just have to believe in myself and get home and tell them my journey.

The End

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