My life is delicious cause i love food!

Just venting my heart out regarding my feelings towards food and its importance in my life so far.

I just had a hearty meal..burrp! God wanted Adam and Eve to be blissful on earth and he did it by blessing them with something to eat…a fruit, the Apple.Since then many adam’s and eve’s have burped whenever they have experienced a blissful culinary delight.

Had I got a chance to use the time machine, I would have certainly traveled back in time…ages back to discover whats cooking in the kitchens of palaces and the humble cottage of a farmer.Food- evokes an emotion so deep and undefinable that it has actually to be experienced rather than just talked about.I personally believe that the world is divided in to two – the one’s who eat to live and the one’s who live to eat. I undoubtedly would love to be called the queen of the second half of it!

Food is not only the essential nutrients to our body but the soul of life, well defined as “variety is the spice of life”.Life has to be spicy and not bland.From the first mashed banana you had as a toddler to the slice of a wedding cake your partner lovingly put into your mouth, it generates millions of thoughts which later turn into memories of a lifetime. I fell in love with food when my mother with all the love in her heart made those yummy meals to make those fun filled Sundays, boring Mondays and leisurely Fridays into everlasting beautiful memories. Would I remember those wonder years if she never cooked anything for her family? Hmmm..Never. It was the joy of growing your own vegetables in the garden and plucking them when ripe and juicy and smelling that fresh aroma of spices spreading in the home which made eating food such a priceless emotion. It was quality time when we sat down to eat on the dining table. A time to indulge in mother nature’s millions of years of evolution and finally its presentation in the form of such flavoursome foods on our table..simply divine.

Food has to be celebrated for it has such a big role in our lives. It is the soul stirrer, the emotion creator, eg: we eat more when happy and we also eat more when we are sad…food speaks, to our body, to our soul when things are alright in life or if things are not going well somedays.

It’s a treasure box, handed down through generations.There are recipes which are timeless made over and over again as it never fails to entertain and satisfy its consumers. My mother has handed down her love of cooking food with to me, as a priceless gift any mother could ever give to her daughter apart from a good education. She unknowingly sowed seeds of curiosity and hunger to learn more in me when she spent hours in her kitchen over several years just to make sure that all our days became sweet memories in the future. When I look back, I see how much I loved my childhood just because I was loved by my mother so affectionately. She made sure I always ate right and tasted the best food ever. I can never thank her enough for the gift of love for food which I have today and that one can express so much by cooking a variety of meals.

My love for food is spiritual when I use it to bring happiness and calmness in my home and often in my friend’s families. How often stress in relationships were dissolved when things were talked over a simple yet tasty meal at our favourite restaurant or a roadside café. Lets acknowledge, that food definitely brings the zing in life. Its always fun to have hearty meals with friends and family for it brings on table not just the very essential nutrients to your body but also evokes emotions which help spice up our otherwise stressful and bland lives.

For me each meal is a celebration, for it not only proves such a good cook I am (!) but also how much I love the person for whom I make it! Food is life and yes - I LIVE TO EAT. Life is delicious cause I love to cook my favourite food.

The End

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