God of Mercy,

Bottom line: why get to know You if You don't want to save me anymore?

That's been my mindset. It's why I haven't been spending much time with You lately! Lord, help me! My mind KNOWS You aren't like that...but my heart is so deceived, God! What is WRONG with me? Why can't I stop STRUGGLING with this wretched stupidity? God, show me Your Truth! I MUST learn to trust in it! Teach me of You, Jesus! Spirit will You ever stir in me again? My mind is so deceived! My reasoning is so clouded!

I want to tell someone, God! I want to tell someone how much I'm struggling! I want to speak verbally to someone! But I don't know who! Someone spiritually mature - But not an adult! Not some grown-up who will make me seem insignificant!

Oh, God, save me from this CONSTANT turmoil! Oh, Jesus...be with me! Be with me, my Precious Savior!

The End

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