Jesus, Savior,

Oh, I just have to confess...

I've become so cold toward You...so uncaring...and I know why.

It's because I feel so unsaved. I've made it so impossible to feel forgiven that I am burning out. My flame for You is dying - and all because of this condemnation I've placed upon myself. All because of my spiritual perfectionism...and so, I'm losing faith.

And it scares me.

Lord, how it scares me!

I HAVE to get over this! I HAVE to come clean and ask somebody for help! I have to beat this scrupulosity - it's literally DESTROYING me! With all these limitations and conditions I place on salvation, I'm beginning to wonder what the point is in trying.

JESUS, COME AND RESCUE ME! I'm dying! My soul is giving way! My faith is waning!

Lord, save me! 

The End

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