10-16-2011, part one

10-16-2011, part one

Love of My Soul,

Sometimes, there are days when I wonder if people just "put up with" me - like if they even like me...

But YOU don't just tolerate me! You take JOY in me - a fact that I find to be absolutely, purely beautiful. Even if I feel like I'm not who other people want or expect me to be, You SAVE me mightily, You rejoice over me - ME! - You quiet me with YOUR LOVE, and You JOY OVER ME WITH SINGING!

I think I'm the least worthy of Your Love. I think I often forget how PRECIOUS I am in Your Eyes. And, like an unfaithful bride, I forsake You for CHAFF. My own heart often convinces me that I'm unworthy of ANY salvation...that I am far too much of a SINNER to be EVER captured by Your Grace. It's like I so often feel condemned - my dratted scrupulosity again.

The End

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