Lord of My Life,

What can I give You, rather than a broken, holey heart? I can only pledge my soul to You, Jesus, and trust that YOU WILL NEVER FORSAKE ME. And You won't , even when my heart tells me that I'm too bad to be saved. In truth, I AM too bad to save myself. I'm too wretched to purify my life. I'm a sinner too depraved for forgiveness in my eyes...but in Yours, I am a vessel - albeit weak - that can be strengthened for You, by You.

Just a leaf, tossed about by a hurricane...You are the tree I belong to. You beckon me home! And I choose to run into Your embrace!

God, my mind is such a dangerous thing. It's the beginning of all my sins and distractions. It's what leads me on perilous, winding paths away from You. God, please, rescue me from myself!

Bring me peace, my Savior! Be the inhabitant of my heart! Strengthen my mind against any evil! Empower me with Your Love!

Please, God...find me. Because...

I LOVE YOU!!! ♥ ♥

The End

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