10-03-2011, part one

10-03-2011, part one

Author of Life,

Wow, two nights ago was the most INCREDIBLE experience. You know it already, but I'm still going to write it down!

[Three friends] were all with me. We were sharing prayer requests, and I ALMOST didn't say what I said. But I did. I confessed that I often slip into times of feeling condemned, and I asked them to pray for me in that. Later that night, I couldn't get to sleep. It got to be 3:00 A.M. - when I got up, grabbed my Bible, and wrote in this journal...After reading a bit, I opened to Galatians 4 and 5 - chapters that deal ALOT with salvation, and how works cannot save a soul. You know - salvation by YOUR GRACE ALONE.

It was EXACTLY what I'd been talking to [those three friends] about - how I often feel as though I must save myself by my power! I knew immediately that YOU were the reason I couldn't sleep - YOU wanted to talk to me! And You wanted to tell me that I am forgiven SOLELY by You. I don't have ANY ability to earn Your Grace!

The End

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