Meaning of Love,

Today's devotion was poignant. It REALLY hit home. It was about something being SO important that it takes Your place.

Yeah, I can definitely confess that I've placed more value in things like music, Facebook, and Protagonize than I've placed in You. I just...I'm so distractible. But that's MY problem, not Yours! And it's the weakest excuse I've ever used. EVER.

The devotional said - and I ashamedly agree - that ANYTHING MORE IMPORTANT THAN YOU is...idolatry. IDOLATRY. Yes, i.d.o.l.a.t.r.y.! That really freaks me out, to be COMPLETELY honest! Me, and idolater? But it's true. If ANYTHING in my life takes presidence over You...it's a idol. Fair and square...

I LOVE YOU!!! ♥ ♥

The End

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