Precious Redeemer,

I think my problem with FULLY and COMPLETELY trusting You is that I have a hard time connecting You with Who You are in the Bible. It's not that I believe You CAN'T - it's because I have a super hard time believing You WILL. Like, I'm afraid You won't think I'm worthy of rescue, or that my faith isn't strong enough...

I mean, my heart feels You sometimes, but I wish You would reveal Yourself IN SOME WAY to my eyes, or my ears, or my skin - ANYTHING!

It's weird how humans use the earthly to define the heavenly. How we count on our EARTHLY bodies to define Something in a completely different dimension. I guess I should've realized this already, but maybe the reason You communicate with us through our soul - our spiritual being - is because You're spiritual, too. It makes sense, I guess. Why would I rely on my PHYSICAL form or senses to decide if You're really there for me?

Lord, I want to trust You. Please, show me how to trust You.

I LOVE YOU!!! ♥ ♥

The End

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