My Hero,

In my devotional, it focused on how humans have a HUGE tendency to blame our faults on others. Honestly, I see alot of that in my life. When I was going through spiritual lukewarmness, I ALWAYS searched for some reason to blame it on - and the blame often fell on You. I don't know if I ever blamed You by pen (that is, wrote in my journal about how I put the blame on You) but I prayed it. I prayed it and I thought it. I shifted my blame to You, saying that You weren't speaking to or guiding me. I claimed that YOU weren't AT ALL communicating to me! All the responsibility, I piled on Your innocent hands, while I kept doing the same old, same old, over and over and OVER again. Indeed, when I found Someone other than myself at fault, it made it 1,000 times easier to keep on being lukewarm. After all, if it's Your fault and not not mine, I could plead innocent, then keep on the same path. By blaming You, I came up with an excuse to sin.

Yesterday, I took responsibility for my complacency. Today, RIGHT NOW, I take responsibility for the fact that I never, EVER took responsibility for what I was doing. I confess that I placed all the blame in Your Hands.

Lord, the whole of me is Yours to take. I'll provide the obedience to You (with Your Grace, of course). Will You provide the zeal?

I know You will. I think I've always known You will.

I LOVE YOU!!! ♥ ♥

The End

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