I just feel condemnation. I can't remember many days when I haven't. I know, I know - not FEELING forgiven doesn't mean I'm not, but it'd be nice to have SOME feeling of Your forgiveness. It's not like I feel TREACHEROUSLY GUILTY or anything, but I rarely feel peace.

Yes, You are greater than my heart. No, my feelings aren't the defining factor of forgiveness. Yet no matter HOW MUCH I follow You and beg You for forgivenes, I can't drive away this feeling of, "I'm not doing enough to be saved."

And that's totally NOT like me. I usually have no problem accepting gifts; I never scrutinize other people's forgiveness to me. I don't know WHY I have such an IMPOSSIBLE time believing that You've forgive me.

Lord, please, PLEASE, change that. Please, let Your Spirit defeat my condemning heart.

I LOVE YOU!!! ♥ ♥

The End

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