Beautiful Redeemer,

Lord, Your mercy and forgiveness are AWESOME, and not in the flippant sense of the word! Savior, Your Goodness and Faithfulness and PROMISES that You will NEVER let me go are BREATHTAKING! Why? Why? Why do You love me - ME! - even though I push You to the side, suppress You, profane Your Name with my rebellious actions, underestimate You, disbelieve You, search for identity in places other than You...I don't understand Your Love, Your unconditional LOVE!

I'm sorry...I'm SO sorry for when I doubt You. You give me MILLIONS of reasons to believe You, yet I DOUBT YOU when I feel my heart condemn me! Lord, please, heal the scars of doubt from my heart and erase my lukewarmness...I hate this foolish part of myself that keeps convincing me to ignore You. I cannot WAIT until the day my flesh is FINALLY defeated, and I no longer feel this pull to compromise myself.

Lord, please, shine Your Glory and Face upon me, and upon all other believers. God, don't let us forget Your Love, Your Power, Your Holiness, and Your FORGIVENESS.

I! LOVE! YOU! ♥ ♥

The End

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