Idina has a horrible migraine - horrible! Well, we hope it's a migraine...but secretly, I think it might be the stomach flu. I thought she was getting sick at one point, and I almost passed out. Then, I realized she wasn't throwing up, and I felt so much relief flood me. God, please...please, don't let her throw up...or me, for that matter...I honestly think I'd lose my mind, or at least have a mental breakdown...God, I can't handle the stomach flu! Why do I have to be so anxious when it comes to throwing up? I don't mind strep throat or pneumonia or fevers - well, I mind them, of course, but I can deal with them well - so why do I go stir crazy whenever throwing up is even mentioned?

I read to Idina before she decided to sleep. I was so scared of throwing up, but I did it [read a book to Idina] anyhow - for Idina AND for You. I didn't do it as a bribery for You to keep me health - though that would be much appreciated - and thus, exposed myself to her germs. No, she hasn't thrown up, and no, she doesn't have a fever, and yes, Mom - who is an expert on all things medical - thinks it's a migraine, but nothing they say can convince me.

Well, the Benadryl is working now, so I think I'll head to bed.

I LOVE YOU, LORD...and please, in the power of the Name of Jesus Christ, I beg You to keep our family healthy...

The End

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