Author's note: in a previous story, I have referred to my eating disordered sister as "Idina." I shall do the same in this work.


Father in Heaven,


I read this book where guys ages 15-20 were surveyed, and their #1 advice was to "act yourself."

(At this point in time, I feel like cussing guys out, but that is very unpleasing to You...therefore, I shall not).

So they're like, "Act yourself!" What the music?!?! How do they expect me to act myself when they're all practically drooling over Idina?!?! So I try to be like Idina, but I fail...like I fail when I'm trying to be myself. Duuudes! If you want me to be myself - be confident - then treat me like I'm valuable! Just man up and accept that you dumb guys are the reasons girls don't act themselves.


Well, that's about it.


The End

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