Yes! Today, I started my morning the right way! I read the Bible for an hour. But I must confess, I didn't pray all that much. I know this is the LAMEST excuse, but I just have such a hard time holding a one-sided conversation. Correction: a SEEMINGLY one-sided conversation. I know You're listening and that You answer prayers, but when I try to open my eyes and ears to hear or see Your responses, I don't really hear or see. I'm not saying I doubt Your Existence - I truly BELIEVE in You - but it would be so nice to have another one of those "WOW, GOD!" moments, like I did a couple months ago when I was feeling anxious and alone and I felt You hug me. 

I'm not asking for an earthquake or a fire, Lord...just a Still, Small Voice...

...But maybe You just want me to build my faith without some cataclysmic "AHA!" moment.

Well, God, Your Will be done, because You know what's best for me better than I do!

I Love You! 

The End

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