"Please tell me if I need to pull my cami up. It has a tendency to get low." THEN WHY ARE YOU WEARING IT IN THE FIRST PLACE?

My All-Consumingly Loving Maker, when girls around me wear low, tight, or otherwise immodest clothes, I'm SO tempted to do the same, and I start to fantasize about how guys might respond to me differently if I did. Because frankly, God, I'm tired of being overlooked by guys - sick of being given no attention whatsoever by that (admittedly) amazing species we call guys. Okay, wow, I feel OOBER sheepish saying that to You, but what are Best Friends for, if not for confiding in?

We were at [a bookstore], and I was reading this all-girls book. It had SUCH a good point - my body is really not my own - it belongs to You, I mean, so I need to respect it, not abuse it! Because that's what immodesty is - abusing the body by setting it up to be used...not only out of respect for You, but also out of respect for guys...

Lastly, by wearing revealing stuff, I'm letting my body be objectified, so I need to wear "proper apparel" out of respect for myself! What a cool concept!...

Anyways, those are my current thoughts...

I love You! ♥ You're Fulfillment 

The End

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