To the only God Who would love His traitorous creation enough to give Himself in exchange for our hopeless souls - 

Lord, Faith isn't just trusting You exist. It's trusting that what You've made is infinitely valuable to You - because God, I feel worthless sometimes - like I am not worth Your sacrifice, Your blood, Your agony, Your LIFE. For me - ME - and the rest of this sinful place...

Lord, my love for You is shallow - superficial - compared to Your tender love for me...Your unfaithful, undeserving bride...

What is love if I fall in and out of it? Can love be a passing phase, a quick heartbeat that loses itself in the passing times? Is love in one day, out the next? The more I love You, the more I realize love is not meant to be a fleeting shadow. It is meant to be a sun that never gives way to darkness...

I need to love You. I am desperate to love You.

And I do.

The End

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