My Beautiful, Breathtaking Friend,

I stress alot. About trying new things, about people not liking me, and especially about getting sick. Hypochondria? Yep, that's me. But because of You living within me, Holy Spirit, I have been overcoming my anxiety.

We were riding home when I felt really sick. It was the kind of anxious sick, like when I have super anxiety to the tenth degree.

I had a large McDonald's soda sitting right next to me. I really wanted some, but I was afraid that drinking it would make me throw up [as my anxiety was causing me to feel incredibly anxious and nauseous]. So I didn't drink it, for awhile. Then I realized I was foregoing a DELECTABLE soda, all for the sake of my anxiety!

I took a sip. I didn't throw up.

Disobeying my anxiety (ironically) made me feel less sick! I'd recognized the lie and challenged it by doing the opposite of what my anxiety wanted. By drinking the soda, I was big-time challenging my anxiety. And You know what? I sort of had this moment of gloating, like "Ha-ha, stupid lie didn't catch me!" kind of thing. And as I was rejoicing in this miniscule victory, I like to think the devil was sulking with his sorry self in the corner.

God, please teach me to trust You like crazy. To love You like crazy. Because that is what I desire, and what I want to desire more than ANYTHING else in this whole world.

Blessed by the Name of the Lord.


The End

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