Hmmm.... wow. I have so many more memories of kindergarten than my other years... hmm.

Well, for my year of kindergarten, I went to the school that iI would go to for 7 years. I was in a little building, not the main one, that was right by the playground. There were, hold on, I'm thinking.... ah yeas! There were 3 girls (including me) and about 10 boys (don't really remember the number.)

I'll start with the general idea of kindergarten for me. We had cubbies where we kept our backpacks and lunches. Then we would start the morning with the pledge of allegiance to the Christian flag and the American Flag, and the Bible. Then our weather person (we had different jobs assigned to us. Line leader, weather person, etc.) that would predict what the weather would be like.

Then we would have a class, whatever - mathematics, langauge arts, whatever it was at the time, and then we would have snack. We were required to eat snack before we could play, just to make sure everyone ate something. Then we were back to class. Then we had recess again. Then we had class. Then we had... it was either lunch or recess next, but it really doesn't matter.

The End

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