Heh. Preschool.

I have a lot of memories of preschool.

Firstly, I went to a Christian preschool, so we sang a lot of songs such as, "Jesus Loves Me", and a bunch of others I know, but don't know their names. I'm telling you, those songs stick in your head forever!

Anyway, I went to this school every Tuesday and Thursday. Tuesday was normal lunch day, and I would always bring my little Mystery Inc./Scooby Doo metal lunch box. And then Thursday was pizza day!!!! YAY!!!!

Well, on Tuesdays, I would always remember we would start the day by going and getting our bikes (we had a lot of little red kiddy bikes) and then riding them around in the court yard for a while. I also had gymnastics (MY FAVORITE CLASS!) whose teacher was a blast. He would make us answer these random questions and then tip off of the 'garbage truck' which was a foam block we would sit on top of, then he would tip it and we would roll off.

Well, back on track, we would have lunch sometime, and then after lunch was -duh, duh, duh, duh.....- NAP TIME! Oooh, I remember hating nap time SOOOO much! You had to sit still for an half an hour or so. Still. We were preschoolers! We had just eaten! Well, I was usually the only one who was awake, and I constantly remember an adult always hovering by my side, like a hawk, ready to tell my to lie still.

And, if I managed to not twitch for the entire time, I was rewarded and allowed to go watch a movie and have a snack. (The kids who don't lie still don't get to watch the movie). I don't particularly remember any of the movies we watched - they were probably Barnie or something or other. But I remember when my mom came to pick me up one time, and she placed her hands over my eyes, deciding to play guess who with me.

Well, I didn't want to play guess who. I wanted to watch my movie. So I removed her hands from my face, but she put them right back on, saying, "Guess who!"

Well, that continually proceeded for a while, and I grew frustrated. I was missing the show! So I said, "Moooooooom!"

To my surprise, she removed her hands.

My, I've gotten off subject again, haven't I?

Well, back to Tuesday schedule, I would always go to my aunt's house afterwards. My aunt was young and stylish, and I loved hanging out with her. She would always let me play Pac Man on her XBOX. Wierd right?

Well, that was Tuesdays.

On Thursdays, it was a similar schedule, except I remember having art instead of gymnastics.

And also, after nap, instead of watching a movie, we would go play outside on the playground. I remember that being a lot of fun.

I never really remember having many friends, except for a few. But some of those friends, I still now and hang out with today - which is pretty cool.

Some of those friends might remember the Halloween parties we had at the school. I remember being snow white one year, and I was tigger either a year before or after that... I can never recall.

Well, of course I also remember that sometimes after school, my mom would stick around to clean up. ( I think she was a volunteer or something, but it didn't matter to me). She would always buy me an orange soda or a grape soda. Which I spilled on myself one time.

I also remember the one time where they brought out one of those huge bounce houses. Ours had a turtle head, if I remember.

Then the people read names off of a list, and those people got to bounce. Much to my surprise and pleasure, I was one of those kids.

But, probably my favorite days, was occasionally during the warmer seasons, our teachers would bring us outside to play with water troughs and toys in them. Then they would bring out hoses and we got to play in all the puddles and such. The friends I had and I always loved the rainbows the water made, and we would try to make them dissapear by stepping them, only to be happily surprised when they came back.

The last memory of preschool I had was the graduation ceremony. We looked like little Senior graduates, except our suits were all white. We got little diplomas and everything. And we had to shake hands with the teachers. I even remember no wanting to shake hands because I had gotten open blisters earlier from playing so much on the monkey bars, which I had fallen off of and got the wind knocked out of me as well....

Ah, life was so simple then.

The End

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