My Life - Memories

I decided I would like to tell about myself. I will start with a little bit of the beginning, and then go grade by grade, giving a summary of that year and a few memories I had of that age.


Heh. Well, since I'm blanking on what else to write, I decided I should bore you guys all to death with my life story as I remember it.

Well, I was born in Redding California, to a freshly wed couple. We lived in a... how did they describe it? Well, I got the image of an apartment, but we had a community pool. A\h well.

Back then, most of our furniture was boxes, according to my mother. She also explained that that was my favorite toy to play with. I don't really remember anything from back then. All I have is pictures (I found 3 whole picture albums dedicated to me!), and what my mom told me.

My mom said I was always a happy baby, and never really cried much.  She says I was rather easy to deal with. The pictures I see are of my dad tossing me up and down as he stands in the pool. My face is absolutely ecstatic, but mom told me that she always worried when he did it in the house, as she was afraid she would find SPLAT baby on the cieling.

Well, I was about 1 when left that place, and moved to Santa Rosa, where I spent the first 10 years of my life.

My little brother was born to us when I was 3.My mother tells me that I used to refuse to accept that he was a boy, and I would would dress him up in little dresses and such.

Our house consisted of a living room, dining room, kitchen all squeezed into one L, a laundry room (where my parents slept), 1 bedroom (my brothers and I shared) and 1 tiny, tiny bathroom.

As if the spacing wasn't bad enough, we got infestations and floodings. We had rats, opposums, flies, spiders, mice, frogs, moss... yeah. Not good. Especially since we had allergies - we were sick really often. I would often be up wheezing because of my allergy-induced asthma, and that was always annoying. But, my mom always tells us excited stories about how she would get up in the middle of the night and attack, and attack she did. She used traps, brooms, anything! But it was rather frustrating, I remember, when a rat died in my toy box, causing us to have to throw away some of my favorite stuffed animals.

Some of my memories at that house were ok, though. We had a small amount of neighbors, one of which was an older lady who loved cats. I would come over and vaccum for her when she was home.

But unfortunately, none of the neighbors were children. So I would often play by myself outside, riding my little trainer bike around the gravelly drive way.

My youngest brother was born when I was 5, and I immensely enjoyed playing with him - although I was terribly dissapointed that he wasn't a girl at the time.

Playing outside by myself, dressing up, using my imagination... that was my life until school started when I was 4 (before my youngest brother was born) and I went to preschool.


The End

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