My Librarium

This is not a fictional story.
It is a place I have created in my mind.
And this is a description on my mental home.

The Librarium lies at the end of a completely empty street that is set in the middle of a desert island, with the ocean or sea off to both the left and right, but it is miles and miles away.

The Librarium is the only building at the center of the 'T' shaped road. It is positioned at the intersection. The building is a stereotypical Chinese building from the 17th century on the outside.

However the inside is a labyrinth. A twisted maze with a hundred rooms. Each different from the last.

The main door, which is painted black, just like the rest of the buildings exterior, is the only entrance. No back door, no windows.

The main hall is the first room. It is a small room. With a wall eight feet from the door straight in front. On this wall there is a crest, or insignia. Which I am afraid would be to difficult to explain.

This hall divides into two additional corridors, one on the left and one on the right. And on these corridors, there are thirteen doors. Behind each door is a room, each built for a purpose.

The room most used by guests, is the tea room. Which is situated on the left corridor, second room. If you have been in the tea room, I need not describe it.

The Library, the second most public room is the third room on the same corridor, there is a linking door between the tea room and the library.  The library itself is a large round room with 42 cabinets, each with 10 shelves. 

The End

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