My Letter to the Devil

I will destroy you in every sense. I will kill your poison and shatter your hold. I will slice your threads on the hearts of man and isolate you from all that you desire. I will find your servant demon that twists my mind and convinces me to do the wrong. I will not forgive you and I will turn my fury on you and I WILL find a way to hurt you. I WILL prove that I am stronger than these foolish humans and I WILL prove that I am not as weak as them. I have found my outlet in this life and it is you. I will focus my anger and frustration to tearing your hold from the hearts of those around me and in my life. And when I have done that, I will move on. I will move on too the others in this world and I will bring them the truth and show them the power I have. for I have infinitly more power than you will ever know. you have grown stronger over many thousand years, yet I am still stronger for having lived with a body for 17 years. Far less than as long as you have spread your poison. For my power comes from God. My power is pure and I have the strength to harness it and destroy your ties on the people of this Earth. I will learn all that God intends for me and I will do everything he asks. I will be your bane, and I will be stronger than you. I will be one of the elite who hunt your influence and destroy it. I will be among those who is given the greater power and is chosen to save the people of this world from your promises that deliver pain and suffering instead of happiness and mercy. When you see me face to face I will see the fear in your eyes. And you will know with a surety that I am one who means what I say.
The End

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