My Letter to Amnesty International RE: The Treatment of Prisoners Surrounding the Protests Against the G20 Meeting in Toronto, Canada

My concern for Charles Torres Veitch, and everyone else arrested surrounding the G20 protests in Toronto, Canada regarding their treatment by law enforcement.


Before I state my concern, I must give some background information.


Charlie Veitch is one of the founders of the group, The Love Police.

They are a group that promote free speech and liberty in a society where they see these concepts and the actions these concepts permit dwindling.


Charlie has, very recently -  June 29th 2010 - been arrested for 'impersonating a peace officer' in Toronto, Canada, whilst protesting at the G20.


The Toronto Police Service report for Veitch's case is here at,


And a news article from the respected alternative media site,, regarding the event is here,


Before I state why I think this is an injustice, I think it is fitting to note that Veitch claims that he was treated hideously after being arrested for not showing proof of identification, also in Toronto, Canada, not too long ago.

He detailed his ordeal in an interview on the syndicated radio show: The Alex Jones Show, broadcast on the GCN Network (

Here is a two-part version of the interview uploaded onto the video networking website, YouTube, from The Alex Jones Show's simulcasted version of the radio show, as broadcast from .

Part 1:

Part 2:


There have also been reports of other people being mistreated in the same holding centre, in the old film studios in Toronto. These include claims that female prisoners have been subject to unnecessary strip-searches, molested and even threatened with rape.


More reports of prisoners being mistreated in Toronto Canada, surrounding the 2010 G20 meeting:


Now as you will have seen from the Toronto Police service report I provided a link to above, and the title of this e-mail, Charlie Veitch has been charged with 'impersonating a peace officer'. And will appear in court on 30th June 2010, at 2PM EDT at the adress given in the Police report.


If you would watch a couple of his videos on both his YouTube channel ( and the The Love Police website ( you would quite clearly see his style of journalism. I think I speak for many people when I say that the circumstances of his arrest are suspicious indeed. With the reports of suspected criminals being treated as no human should be treated, and Veitch testifying to this, I think there is a great cause for concern for Charles Torres Veitch's safety.


Moreover, there is great cause for concern for the mistreatment of all the people detained around the G20 protests, and this needs to be addressed. This is a breach of human rights, on an unprecedented scale in a modern, Western society!


Organisations with influence like Amnesty International NEED to address this.


I am an atheist, but I pray to God that you can shine some light on these human rights violations. This is not just about Charlie Veitch, this is about the mistreatment of innocent people exercising their right to free speech.

The amount of tyranny that a people experience, is exactly that which they will tolerate. And we will not tolerate this!


Kind regards, and many sincere thanks,

Harry Warne

Lowestoft, England

The End

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