My Journal

This is my real journal, by me. (I might spell somethings wrong.)

Sunday May 2nd, 2010

My mom woke me up, telling me to get ready. Getting ready, to me, means take a shower, blow dry your hair, and put some clothes on. So that's what I did. When I got down stairs, my dad game me the warmest welcome.

"Why did you take a shower?"

"Mom said to get ready."

"Getting ready doesn't require you to take a shower."

"But I didn't take one yesterday."

"Just eat." And I did, then we were off to church.

Church was really boring, I  mean really boring. All we learned about was about sin, which was joined by a story from the Bible. The story of David and his temtation. Then when we got home Mom and Dad went to go tan, and they left me in charge. He had told the boys (I have two brothers) to not go outside at all, which, you know me, I forgot.

So Noah (eight years old) went into the backyard and he came back inside saying that there was a snake out there. Tate (five years old) was crying, and Noah wanted to go back out there. Of course I said no, but they went out in the frontyard. Noah came back inside, leaving Tate out there, which he was not supposed to do. I told him to go get him, and went back up stairs to my room. They stayed out side 'til my parents came home.

I herd the door open and then close, then my dad goes to the stairs and yells, "GET YOUR ASS DOWN HERE KELSEY!" I was scared of the tone in his voice, and went down. He gave me a 30 minute lecture on not letting the boys out side when both him and Mom are away. The boys also sat in timeout because they knew better (exactally what he said).

A few minutes later and me, Mom, and Dad are planting flowers in the flower bed. noah and Tate are playing with the water hose in their swim trunks. When I finished, I came back inside. And here I am, on my computer.

That's the end of my wonderful day (*cough* *cough*).

Forever lovely,


The End

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