Aaaand here's another one. 


Matthew 9: 29

It shall be done to you according to your faith.

Dear God,

I want to be able to believe in You and have faith in You. But sometimes I take a moment and look around. The world suffers. Your children suffer. Poverty, famine, war etc. And then I think "If He is really there, can't He just fix all this?" 

To be honest, I feel guilty because I start to doubt You and Christianity. Because some parts don't make sense. And then I consider becoming an atheist. 

If I'm going to be a person, I would like to have my principles set down right. Just when I was going to 'convert' myself to an atheist, I read cassandramorrow's love poems to You. I learned about her story, her sufferings and how much faith she had (and still has) in You during those times. 

It helped me regain faith myself. And when I read your Word, it restores my faith.

But I need some guidance. I want to be a dedicated Christian, one that won't doubt God and his actions.

Can You help me?



The End

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