A letter to my Beautiful Redeemer

A letter to my Beautiful Redeemer:

Lord, how can I even begin to tell you how helpless I've felt without You? I went even far enough to doubt Your existence and once the realization of what I'd been doing hit me, I felt like I'd never be loved by You again. But You forgave me, as You always do. How can You?

I've sinned. Once, twice, and so many times. Yet you accept me, like a Father with his arms out in front of Him, waiting to hug the child as she runs back to apologize. I think that's what makes us, humans, different from You. We are not this gracious. We are proud, selfish and vain. 

But You...You're beautiful.

And You never give up on us.

I promise You that I will try to do the same. I know, once again, I shall falter and break this promise. But even if You accept me back as an unworthy servant, I will strive to please You. 

I'm not worth the shot. But You love me.

And I I shall love You back unconditionally.

I will. 

The End

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