Define Me (Part II)

The louder my questions grow, the weaker I am. How can I lose so much faith in You so easily? I should be able to stand up for You, love you with no doubts to hold me back. I wish to be a perfect daughter to You so that I won't make any mistakes.

But it's through my mistakes that my love for You grows. You pick me up every time I fall. When I sin, You accept me back. You are so righteous, so beautiful and so beyond my dreams of ever loving You. 

Sometimes I feel so small. How could I - an unfaithful sinner - be a daughter of the One and Almighty True God? 

Yet you always keep Your arms wide open and wait for my return. I hear You call out to me and how can I remain distant? 

You've guided me to the truth that my identity isn't separate from my faith. my beliefs and in my love for You, I find myself. 

For You are my creator. And my heart, I promise you, will revolve around You not because I want to force myself to be the perfect believer...but because I want to. 

I want to love You. I want to have You in my life.

And in You, I find who I am. 

The End

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