The Realization

I specially dedicate this particular poem to cassandramorrow who played a vital role in what unfurled to become the truth of the predicament I'd been in. I love you cassandramorrow and I dedicate this poem for you. 


A distance I'd longed for

A distance I'd craved

But without You my Savior

I won't be today.

In You, I found

The person I was

And in You I see

The home where I belong.

When I was away

I started to fall

Deeper in deception

Away from Your heart.

I feared imperfection

I desired beauty

But beauty I already have

With You by my side.

You are my comfort

You are my love

The one romance I could ask for

From the Heavens above.

You opened my skies 

To a brighter day

And I open my heart

To You once again. 

I truly will. 

The End

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