Perfection's Plunge

This is actually a poem that I wrote and published separately on Protagonize but it counts as part of the collection, though it delves into something a little more deep than what I'm writing about. It's up to you to analyze the meaning but this was written from hard and raw emotion. My emotion. And that's what makes it so...

Well, see for yourself:


Seams of a mask that split apart

No longer can I hide within my heart

Residing in the shadows of a broken world

Living in the creation of my personal hell

To unearth my solution

I search in vain and find a delusion

Of my ultimate faith and beliefs

Forming a hole inside of me

I struggle

and cry out

In hopes of finding a light

But what is hope really

When I've already died inside. 

Lead me out

Help me through

This puddle of fears

I wish to throw

Far away

Forever gone

To attain true beauty

Once and for all. 

The End

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