My Idea of Perfection

Perfection is my goal. Attaining it is my dream of the utopia I want. My strive for perfection has distorted the true meaning of beauty in my eyes. 

Why is it that I'm able to advise others to look past what they want to see of themselves to what they already are:beautiful ? Yet that's completely selfish of me because I don't apply it for myself. 

A lot of people say I'm wise beyond my years but it's not true. Too wise a man can become a selfish fool. And I'm exactly that for expecting people to believe what I say, when in the first place, I myself cannot. 

I've been pushing myself lately to be perfect in at least one way. Wake up in the morning to the feeling of dissatisfaction and then a voice in my mind urges: "Be the perfection you know you have to be. Stop being this ugly piece of a mess." 

I cannot ignore it.

And so I pushed myself, hard, in the days that followed. I will continue to. 

The End

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