Second idea

This is a story I have written in the past, but plan to write again with some major modification to the universe and plot.  I have not found a name for it. 

Nearly all the characters have already been created. Only the second protagonist remains. 

Only one other writer besides myself will be allowed to write, since it will not contain more than one protagonist. I might make an exception if you're very interested in it and the place is already taken, but so far that's that. 

This is a dystopia, set in a futuristic universe. I have not yet completed all the details about the universe, and I'm not certain I'm going to detail much of it in this page since it's complex. However, like I said it takes place in the future, where an Absolute Monarchy regime has gotten into power over the entire planet. After a nuclear apocalypse, fewer human remains and several continents (such as South America and Africa) have been quarantined. The world is divided brutally into three sections. The Low, the Mundane, and the High.

The Low are ordinary humans, who did not develop magical abilities. They are condemned to being treated like cattle and live in extreme poverty, their entire life dedicated to work. The unpleasant kind. The Low live in Europe and Asia(they are the largest in number).

The Mundane are humans gifted with magical abilities, but that are not of noble birth. They obey the many, restrictive laws and respect the High like they are gods, but otherwise live a decent life.  

The High are the royalty and nobles. They have all sorts of privileges and rights, and rule the planet. A High that do not develop magical abilities is however sent to either Europe or Asia. 

In this story we follow two protagonist. A High that has been kidnapped by a rogue Specter(Specters are those with extremely powerful abilities. They work as high-class agents in the law industry) in his attempt to cause enough trouble so the Liberation Front(rebellious movement) take notice in him and hire him. 

Meanwhile, the other protagonist is part of the Liberation front, and shows the progression of the revolution to the point of overtaking the current regime. 

The End

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