First idea.

Not much to say. Ideas.

First Idea: Contract universe. 

A universe where angels and demons exist, and constantly wage war(classic). Only, they can't do it directly and need to lend their powers to special humans, called Contractors. The Contractor does not have a choice in the side their own, or about fighting or not. Demonic Contractors fight Angelic contractors. Also, they do not hide, but have both prviledges and restrictions. Both sides follow rules to fight in a safe, empty environment not to harm anything or anyone. 

Story takes place in modern times. 

The character I would play as has already been determined, and is called Ink(they can either be male or female, I don't mind). They would look like a badass, with their right eyebrow pierced and their tribal tattoos covering their arms. They would be a demonic contractor. Also, their hair is unusual. Short black hair, with the exception of a tribal braid behind their right ear. 

As for their personality, they are vaguely unpleasant. Sarcastic, bitter, silent, broody and irritable, the character's hard to approach. However, they're not being randomly mean, they just have been hurt many times in the past. 

This story is open for a larger group of user than two, if the interest is there. I think four main characters(two for each side) would be the maximum. 

The other characters have yet to be created.

The End

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