My heart / My head

It's that old struggle -the heart wants what it wants - the head knows better

It started innocently enough.  

Eye contact, the brush of a hand, a shared laugh.  

These things alone are nothing.  My head knows this for sure.  My head knows that there is nothing there.

My heart does not.

I see him pass on the streets.  My heart wants to smile, wants to race.  

My head says no.  Not this one.  Not this time.  

My head can't believe that my heart would act like this again.  

Clearly it's not the first time.  But, my head reminds my heart that crushes are for schoolgirls.

I am not a schoolgirl.  

My head takes the proper precautions.  Tells my heart to forget about him.  

My heart sulks, but listens - for the time being.  

Until that moment when we next share a laugh.  

The End

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