My friends

A piece of rhetoric work for my supernatural themed coursework....would appreciate any tips or criticism you have to offer for improvement :) x

My friends. That is what I call you. Though I might never see any of you again after this time that is what I call you. We have witnessed much together in this place. And so much could've brought us low. But we survived!

Time and time again we thought the end was near but our heads and our swords rose above the waves of red to win our victory. You all have won valiant skirmishes all along the line again and again.

We won when the Children of the Moon pointed their snouts at the sky and howled out their war cry, sinking their foul teeth and claws into the noble bodies of our fallen comrades and wore the fluids of death with vicious pride. We took up the blades of silver and garlands of mistletoe and ran the very lords of them into the dirt and cast them back to their mortal selves.

We won when the pale warriors rose from their crypts as the carrion birds blotted the very sun with their numbers. We won with crucifix and garlic wreaths. With wild rose wound into the manes of our beasts and affixed to the saddles and bridles, and with immense bravery and skill armed only with the stake we cast down the devil vampyrs.

We won when the witches and the banshees and the goblins threatened to overrun out borders. We won with firebrand and axe as they drove their treacherous wedge into our flank and sought to punish our minds with their heinous mind tricks. As they looked to drive us from our posts as we struggled to regain our breaths from the attacks of their greater lords, we surged to arms and rent their breath from their bodies as they did to our friends and family.

Now look with me, my friends. Look out across the camp of your Clans, joined for the first time since the Parting of Ways. Look what we have achieved by our courage and our strength and our spirit.

But now you disgrace yourselves. You cry; We must give! We cannot win!

Shame! So much has been accomplished and now you are ready to sit by the smoking fires of defeat and forget that your comrades, nay your families! Have died for the reason you fought and you would just give up on them? Give up as their bodies lay in the ditches of the battleground, torn and soiled by the weapons of the enemy? Give up and let the despised creatures of the enemy over run us and tear our skins apart.

I say no!

Rise up now! Rise now like the morning sun to cast asunder the hordes of darkness! Rise now like the cresting waves to crash down on the murky sands of them! Rise now like the spirits of your ancestors and show the true measure of your heroism! Rise now and throw down the shackles of the foe!

You say that I do not know of your loss in this fight but I stand now to prove you wrong. My own daughter once stood where you stand before me. I looked at her with pride, for she had won the right to fight in this battle and I gave her the silver blade, the mistletoe and garlic wreaths, the simple crucifix and took upon my own hand to affix the wild rose to the saddle of her mount. She rode forth as the sun set into the kingdom of their shadows and fearlessly flung the devils into the abyss of eternity.

But she was not one of the ones to return to our numbers. She was torn from her saddle and trampled to the waste by the brutal claws of the Moon Children and her heart stolen by their grim fangs. Her body lies on the wasteland now, and I will never see her back again.

Would you have her death in vain? Would you have your own children's deaths to be for nothing? Would you hand over your blades and lay down next to the bodies of the fallen to pave the ground for the cruel monsters of the enemy?

Heed my words now, my friends, for I will ride out with you.

Join with me! Take up your weapons! Saddle your mounts! Loose the flags and sound the horns of war! Take up your bows, your swords, your axes and cast yourselves into the fray! Without regret! Without sympathy! Without fear!

Rise, my friends! And send them from our lands!! 


The End

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