My demons withinMature

Just the rambling's of a bad day gone wrong.

I want to run so far away from you, and yet I can't get you out of my head. Closure would not suffice, and having your heart will not heal mine. Forever a prisoner tangled in your web of confusion.

The massive rage welts the very two feet I stand on. My eyes are blurred by tears of unknown sadness. I would rather die a thousand times over then bare witness to your happiness. The one you enjoy without me, the one that makes you smile as I never could. Am I a fool to think to let it be, I can't seem to release these feelings of sorrow I keep caged for you. I burry your pain into my own, with tantrum so vicious it is without face or name. Deep inside I want to cause you unpleasant scrutiny, and in dreams I want to rape you of hope. I want to take your innocence as you did mine, and you will endure my inescapable sickness.

I hunger for your absence now, a thirst that would be so sweet. Impugning urges push me away from your soul. As a detainee to your heart, I am forever dammed in eternity to witness your bliss.

The End

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