"Love Disaster"

I have a confession before the God to make
Even the loved ones can carry knives
And you were my torment in disguise
I still love you, my selected poems scream your name

I was desperate for innocent love
It was like I found myself in a series of dreams
When you took me in, wounded heart for you to see
And I still believe that your heart from time to time
Whispers my name, aching about the past
You were my everlasting love disaster

You were the only one who knew the heartache I was in
While losing myself, I lost you somewhere along the way
And there is a mess inside of me I cannot overcome myself
If you knew the pain my heart is in
Your heart will start bleeding too

There isn’t a day you haven’t stolen my thoughts
Haven’t rampaged through my soul
I am tired of feelings

There are nights I wake up alone
Hoping and praying to God you are safe
With that gentle smile on your face, content with yourself
Somewhere in the world, still chasing your deepest dreams

I hope you will be happy without me
Don’t worry about me
I will be just a shadow of your past
Still looking after you

The End

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