"I See in Your Eyes"

Part 1: "I See in Your Eyes."

I see in your eyes 
Fire of your heart 
That is praying not to die 
I see in your eyes 
Your soul collapsing 
Without any sound 
I see in your eyes 
Miracles you thought were true 
Killing you softly 
Is seems like I am looking 
In the eyes of the dead

Everything felt so wrong 
We knew it would had to end 
But our souls were thirsty
Of that one beautiful someday

The kisses felt like a sin 
Under the blanket of night 
With the stars that seemed
To be shining only for us

I wanted to stop before it would hurt
But that moment was long gone 
In every single word that was caressing my soul
I heard desperation and sadness
We knew what was about to come

Our hearts still beating 
The sadness we hide inside
Your soul so close to mine 
It feels so wrongly right

We fall 
And we fall right down 
But that was our price
For this romantic escapade

You were a fire of my heart 
That got out of control 
The intensity of it shattered my soul 
We got joined by the lost 
Made our souls whole again

I see in your eyes 
The love you still feel
I see in your eyes 
The desperation for that love to disappear
I see in your eyes 
The universe and the stars 
I see in your eyes
That one beautiful someday

Part 2: Untitled.

Although it hurts to see you smile 
When I’m not the reason anymore 
That sweet smile I know far too well
Smile worth my silent tear
The time we had was worth getting broken over

Are you there? 
Speak to me
I have a habit of going too fast
Is that your figure in the distant? 
My heart I wide opened
You were worth getting broken over

You answered my call
With love so powerful and raw
It was my Holy Grail

Our silence was speaking 
Louder than screams 
Our words were like 
Hymns for the broken 
Broken us

We had our little escapade 
Our little mad love story 
Now what I only need to know 
Is if you are happy behind
That mysterious, deceptive smile

And now I don’t pray for us 
I pray for you
I’ll pray for you.

The End

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