"That One Night"

Try to help me
Fix what is left of me
I don't mind
That we are both dying
As long as we die
In each others arms
Believe what I say
One day I will
Ask you to dance
And we will catch
Each other breaths
Living the moment
Like it will never end

I don't care
That we are both broken
We can pretend that time
Doesn't exist
That nothing will break us
Your closeness makes my heart
Shatters slowly
Only because
I know you will need to leave
Leaving me half alive

I will whisper those
Three magical words to your ear
"I love you"
I will be left breathless
When your face will lighten up
With that angelic smile I love
I'll let you look inside my soul
And make space there for yourself
Because I am sure
My love to you will never die
Just stay with me tonight
We will cherish this moment
Always remember it
Two broken perfections
Finally met

I am tired
Of only looking at your pictures
And imagining that you are here
My hearts bleeds for you
And I never more meant those
Magical three words
I love you
And I will try to show that
With my actions and words

I will have
That spark in my eyes only for you
The most true smile for your eyes to see
One small tear to catch your heart
In the web of my love to you
The tear of happiness
When I will
Finally see you 

The End

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