"Without You"

This is the end of our play
All lights go down
I am looking for answers
In this mess that you call
Your mind
Broken trust
Cannot be repaired anymore
Shattered pieces of me
Cut me down deeply
Until I am numb
Say something that will
Change my mind
I am afraid of the world outside

You killed me from behind
Stabbed me
Without you
The world seems empty
I cannot find myself
Everywhere I go I see you
Don't leave me bleeding
In this path to darkness
Say something new
I am not strong without you
Because my soul
Was ripped away
But somehow I will find myself
Forgiving you
To still show you that I care

Without you
I can't be myself
Nowhere to go
I cannot get lost
Because all places are unfamiliar
When I am without you

I don't feel anymore
I am numb and nothing will change that
Because I am without you
My feeling were always true
But you played your part
In this act of love
Without a happy ending
I am afraid to face the truth

My feelings were destroyed
Just in one word
When you said "no"
World came
And crushed me down
Leaving me half dead
But you didn't seemed to care
You went, carried on your life
While I am still
On the path of darkness
Trying to find pieces of me
But most importantly
I try to find my heart
That I gave to you
And now it had died. 

The End

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