I don't want to ever wake up
Because only in my dreams
I can be with you
Trying to save myself
Please let me sleep forever
You are my addiction
That swallows my soul
Making it hard to breathe

The reality is making me depressed
I cannot wait when I go to bed
Closing my eyes
I think of you
Trying to enter the world
And the story
I created by myself
Where only happiness happens
And nothing else
Where I can be there for you
To bring you high
Hug you to try to
Heal your pain again
Where I can just be with you
It is my only dream
You are like an angel
That fallen down from the bluest sky
I was falling and falling
But in the dreams you
Helped me to stand up

In the dreams
I can love you freely
I can love you for eternity
I can save you from all the evil
Trying to steal your pain away
We will sit down on the clouds
Dreaming up of the stupid things
Will do together
The passion will light up
Fire in our souls
My dreams
My favourite place
Where you and me
Can be a reality

But then…

I wake up again
Reality grabs me back
I cry
I scream
I deny
The truth that I love you
But I know that
This is the truth
It is only you
You, you and you
My heart chosen forever

I don't want to wake up
And realise it was
All a dream
That I am back in the life
Without you
Without my soulmate
I hate reality
And somehow it makes me
Hate you
With all my bittersweet love
The reality put chains around me
But I know one thing for sure
I will not give up
I will die trying
To be with you 

The End

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