*WARNING* !Not for sensitive people!

Living in this sicking world
In this fu**ed up reality
Wars for peace
Killing wife, mum, dad, kids
Expecting peace in return

Mummy… mummy! Please say something… daddy, please open you eyes!…

Welcome to brutal reality
Closing our eyes on the injustice
With trembling fingers
Afraid of the truth
Blood on our hands
You can't wash
Your consciousness
We use guns instead of words
Leaving a scar on the history
Die, die, die for peace

Death smiling
At the stupidity of humanity
Wasting food
While so many people
Can see their fragile bones
Starving to death
Praying for a sign
That the suffering will end

I don't want to eat that! Who eats vegetables anyway!…

Mum… I would do anything to have something to eat… vegetables, anything…

Our greed
Making us blind
Not seeing the evil
Sitting comfortably in the chair
That was bought using
Bloody money
Closing ourselves
Under a soap bubble
But one day
The spears of reality
The evil and scaring truth
Will burst it
We will end up
In the same situation as those poor people
And we will realise one thing
You cannot eat money. 

The End

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