"Do You?"

Do you ever have those times
When you just close your eyes
And let your mind just go away
I feel like I am trapped in here
Ever felt like you just want to give up?
That nothing is looking up
Nothing to care about anymore
Lost everything you cared about
I feel like I am on a roundabout
Going constantly in circles
There is no way out

Do you ever want just to disappear?
Leave all your problems behind?
I am afraid to look back!
The memories can attack
Once again
And this time I don't feel strong enough
To defend myself
I feel like a defenceless baby
I'm praying someone to save me
From this nightmare I created
Before there will be nothing left to save

Do you ever have tears stuck in your throat?
You don't want to show them
You need to be strong for others
All their problems make you fall on your knees
But you try to stand up
Just to see smile on their faces
And their happiness lifts you up
Let me drink my cup
Of sorrows and regrets
Choke on it
But drink it until I stop feeling

The angel and demon finally met
The final battle just began
Do you let the devil win?
He will torture you with your biggest sin
Show you how bad your life been
Or do you help angel to win?
And let the light in
And find the happiness within? 

The End

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