In the screams of ecstasy
She yells for help
She totally lost herself

Just for the money
She started to sell her body
Her pride lost
And never will be found
Her dreams don't make any sound
They were killed with lusty hand
Of the rock man from the band
Seduced him to get to her land
Of short pleasure and long feeling of shame
Don't think her mind will ever be the same

Fake lust
Fake love
All her life

Look into her eyes
She wakes up
Praying for the night to come quick
To be like a blanket over her
To cover her shame
She want someone to whisper her name
Lovingly and clean her blame
Which is like flame
Slowly burning what was real in her

Blackout in her heart
In this act she needs to take part
Of a sweet sweetheart
While inside she is praying for a new start
Then reality and her mind go apart
When fake act of love begins once again

Everyone wants just the same as her
To feel secure
For massive and romantic love to occur
All her happiness seems like a blur
No dreams, no desires
The only thing that she requires
Is to someone to help her
Before her life will expire... 

The End

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