"Darkened Soul"

I cannot take it anymore
With every heartbeat I feel more pain
Can't believe that this is happening
Once you were source of happiness
Now you closeness brings thunder
I don't want to love anymore
When love is friend with agony
That killed everything that was happy
In me

I don't want you to know
What I am going through
I can barely be
Everywhere I go
I see your face
The demons jumped at me with memories
Attacking and showing no mercy
I fallen to the ground
But the evil creatures won't leave me alone

I stopped feeling anything at all
I am just going through life
Is like a show of still images
My heart shattered to million pieces
Don't know if I will ever pick them all up
Maybe I don't even want to do so
Why should I love
When it brings so much pain?
I am afraid to trust
To love
To show myself weak

I put a wall around me
So no one will get close
Maybe one day someone will
Crush it
Destroy it
But for now
Let me be in my own world
Where happiness doesn't work
And all the nightmares come
Let me crawl in my own nightmare
Standing there
I am shouting in vain for help 

The End

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