"I need..."

Please let my dream come true
Kiss me
Breathe the life into me
Pick broken pieces of my heart
Fix me
Path through the darkness
Lead me

See me
For who I am
I am not hiding
I want you to have
The real me that no one else could
Read from me like open book
Heal me
I need saving
I need you
I need you
I need you

I close my eyes
And I can see you smiling
I reach for you
But then you disappear
And reality comes
Like a monster destroying my dream

Let me hide in your wings
Make me feel safe
Let me fly
Fly up to the clouds
And nowhere else

My heart I give it to you
No one else I want you
My angel, my angel
Come and take me away
I don't care where
I need you
I need you
I need you

I don't remember how to love anymore
Lost in the memories
I don't want to be like that, no more
Show me again
How it feels
To fly up to stars
To dreams

Cast a spell on me
Make me believe
Teach me how to love again
Scars in my soul
You heal them
Come as a saviour
It isn't the same without you

Memories hit me with full force
I fall on my knees
I need you
I need you
Please hear my shouts in vain
You are the only one that can help

I hear your cries
It breaks my heart
I would do anything
To make you not suffer
You are my religion
My healer
My angel

Nowhere I see escape
I am caught in my own mistakes
They go around me like a web
I wish I could rewind the time
Not do the things I did to you
I know I will regret them until
Until I die 

The End

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